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CRM, Outbound Prospecting and Incentive System

Bank and Trust with $1.9 Billion in Assets, Longview, TX

This bank and trust had a loyal customer base but was not growing and wanted to institute a more aggressive sales program to bring in new customers. However, they wanted to implement processes to both ensure the new cross-sell program would not have a negative impact on their current customers and that they retained their new customers.

Datava created an automated integration with their core system where every current customer was assigned an employee and was rated based off historical analytics to best determine a follow-up schedule for the sales team. We also implemented employee cross-sell goals, volume goals for existing and new customers and an incentive structure tied to long-term profitability rather than short-term sales volume. To ensure the more aggressive sales culture didn’t alienate their existing customers, we also implemented customer surveys and developed reports and alerts on closed accounts.

The bank and trust experienced a 20% increase in the bank’s cross-sell, a 40% increase in new accounts sold and no increase in closed accounts.

Business Intelligence and Analytics System

Shoe Manufacturer and Retailer, Niwot, CO

This company was spending hundreds of man-hours in routing of surplus product at the end of each quarter. Their internal SAP system was unable to automatically route the surplus product to the appropriate buyers.

Datava developed an automated routing system, which removed all manual routing, and did what was a 100 man-hour process in minutes.

The company was able to send out surplus product orders one week earlier than previously possible, accounting for offloading hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise before end-of-quarter. Including the cost of Datava’s services, the company saved thousands of dollars per quarter due to decreased labor.

MRM System

Credit Union with $1.9 Billion in Assets, Fort Washington, PA

This credit union had a very complex sales goal structure that was managed manually. They needed sales analytics to determine the efficacy of their current program and an automated incentive program. Next, they required a CRM/onboarding system, which would facilitate onboarding of new members to the Credit Union through automated follow-up scheduling, managerial reporting, and synchronization with MS Outlook. Then they needed an LMS for all frontline staff, a sandbox training environment for new hires, an outbound prospecting system that mapped out the location for onsite visit planning, and a campaign analytics tool to determine the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Datava has produced fully customized reports and an incentive program integrated with their core system, including a library of more than 50 periodic reports, and various dynamic reports, which can be personalized by user. This includes a data warehouse of all new sales data which has been used for resource planning and other applications.
Datava also developed a fully customized onboarding program, where the steps of the process are fully automated. Follow-ups are automatically scheduled within the system, with calendar and email reminders available for employees. Integration with employee’s MS Outlook was developed. Managerial oversight is built-in, and automatic and manual escalation of issues is also available.
We also developed an LMS and a training environment. The LMS will automatically assess employee knowledge of internal products and procedures, and report to management on progress and performance as well as automatically certify or decertify employees for incentives. We further developed an outbound prospecting system, which enables, tracks and reports on out-bound prospecting. The outbound system has mapping capabilities for scheduling of appointment visits, as well as automated process initiation and control. Lastly, we developed a marketing analysis system, which automatically tracks marketing activities, and analyzes their effectiveness to sales outcomes.

The credit union’s member base and assets have grown by more than 8% per year since implementation of Datava sales and incentive tracking systems.

Goal and Incentive Program

Credit Union with $450 Million in Assets, Pleasanton, CA

This credit union was not effectively cross-selling and wanted to discover what methods were working for other institutions and how these could be implemented into their CRM. They also wanted to implement a referral program for the call center and loan departments but didn’t know where to start.

Datava collected historical data and bench-marked the credit union against its competitors and industry best practices. We then set up a tiered goal structure which identified and incentivized top performers while identifying those not meeting their goals for a performance enhancement track and/or termination. We also created a suite of reports for executives, branch managers, HR, and others to give them quick access to KPIs along with drill-down click-through functionality. Lastly, we developed a referral management and reporting system where referrals were automatically assigned and follow-up was scheduled and tracked in conjunction with their CRM.

The credit union experienced an increase in new member cross-sell of over 25%, with new accounts increasing by over 35%.

Ticketing and Invoicing System

Contractor and Trucking Company, Sedalia, CO

This company needed a system to efficiently schedule resources for transporting materials to and from work sites. Tracking resources in transit was difficult, and invoicing for material transport was also an issue

Datava developed a text-message based scheduling system. This system automatically communicated with contractors to efficiently schedule resources to move needed materials to the correct location at the right time. Datava also developed a mobile application to track the location of resources, which gave a real-time picture of where resources were. Datava also created a mobile system to track the transfer of materials between sites. The data collected from location tracking and forms was then used to automatically invoice services which contractors had provided the company.

The system streamlined processes, decreased the amount of manual work, and improved contractor efficiency significantly.