Meet our team

Gordon Flammer
President and CEO of Datava

Business Operations Executive with 16 years of experience and a successful track record of architecting, managing, and championing critical business operations through intelligent infrastructure and reporting. Over the years, Gordon has worked with over 100 companies with assets ranging up to $795 Billion.
Gordon is expert at determining business needs and developing processes and technical systems to improve employee efficiency and efficacy while providing executives with critical metrics in dashboards and reports.

Business Intelligence and Operations System Design Database Architecting Dashboards, Reporting, and Automation Change Management CRM Implementation Product Ownership and Prioritization Process Creation Business Strategy Presentation and Communication Team Management Business Processes Data Governance/Hygiene Systems Migration Root Cause Analysis
Philip David Flammer, PhD
CTO of Datava

Technology innovator, software engineer, and SaaS systems architect. Philip’s education consists of BS’s in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, and an MS and PhD in Applied Physics, with a focus on computer simulation of difficult problems. He currently has two approved patents with others pending, and has been published 27 times in peer reviewed journals.
Before working with Datava, Philip has had extensive experience working with commercially oriented research and development, and has participated as the Colorado School of Mines Principle Investigator on several grants funded through the NSF, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, DARPA, the US Army, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
As the CTO of Datava, Philip has overseen the creation of over 500,000 lines of code, creating a system that provides fully bespoke business operations systems which seamlessly integrate with other systems such as SalesForce.com.

Data Warehousing Server Management API Creation Statistical Modeling PHP JavaScript MySQL Java .Net HTML LaTeX Apache R C++ Parallel Computing (MPI/OpenMP) Mathematica Python CSS Finite Element Simulation Boundary Equation Simulation Principal Component
Dimensionality Reduction
Regression Modeling Agile Development