The Datava Story

For nearly 20 years, the President of Datava, Gordon Flammer, has been working with financial institutions, helping them implement software solutions to meet their business critical objectives.
Over the years, as Gordon simultaneously worked with some of the largest banks in the country and some of the smallest, he realized that just as every bank was different in their culture, their products, and their customers, they also needed something different from their vendors.
Unfortunately, no one had figured out a way to do that. Most companies kept selling a product that didn’t meet their client’s needs. As Gordon tested the limits of the current capabilities of products available on the market, he quickly realized that as the capabilities of the internet grew, it would also allow for a new type of solution to be possible.

In 2016, Gordon drafted his brother, David, who was a professor teaching Physics with a focus on using online tools. David had already developed various online learning and performance tracking tools.

Together they started developing cloud-based tools to meet various business needs of financial institutions with the idea of creating a software solution that would have three unique characteristics.

It would be flexible enough to handle any level of customization needed from a client
It would be so stable that clients could depend on it for everything from top level business decisions, down to training front-line staff
It would be easy enough to manage that it would cost much less than everything else that existed in the marketplace

Over the past few years, Gordon and David have worked with consulting firms and financial institutions to make state of the art cloud based solutions such as full CRM enhancements, Learning Management, Problem Resolution, Predictive Analytics and more.

Datava now exists to bring these solutions to you.